DeLorenzo Electric Inc.

is a full service Electrical Construction Contractor. Power, Lighting, and Communications are our specialties.  Our professionalism, dedication, experience, and a problem-solving attitude brings value to each project and ensures our customers’ success.

Call us at 716-731-8000 or email us and we will be happy to provide answers to any questions or provided further information about any of our services.

We provide a full line of Industrial, Commercial, and Residential electrical services

New or Upgraded Electric Services For:

  • Industrial Manufactures!
  • Office Complexes
  • Single or Multi-Family Homes
  • Senior Housing & Apartment Complexes
  • Stores, Plazas & Malls

Electrical Service Upgrades

  • Change Over From Fuses to Circuit Breakers
  • Meter Channel and Exterior Cable Replacement
  • Additional Outlets, GFCI, 220 Lines, Pool Wiring, Etc.

Generators & Backup Power

  • Manual Portable Generator Systems
  • Fully Automatic Permanently Installed Systems

Transformer Installation

  • Step Up & Step Down Transformers
  • Buck and Boost Transformers
  • Specialty Transformers



  • Interior & Exterior Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Ballast & Bulb Installation
  • Reflector, Fixture Redesigning & Delamping
  • Landscape & Parking Area Lighting

Thermal Imaging